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Graphic requests

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1 Graphic requests on Thu Mar 10, 2011 7:20 am


to make an graphic request you should use the follow format:

[color=#00A5CD][b]Nature of the Creation:[/b][/color] (logo,banner,header)
[color=#7CBA2C][b]Size (In Pixels):[/b][/color] 200x600
[color=#00A5CD][b]With or Without Animation:[/b][/color] with glowing letters (precise the kind of animation you want)
[color=#7CBA2C][b]Main Colors:[/b][/color] Green and purple(the color you want)
[color=#00A5CD][b]Pictures & Links:[/b][/color] your image goes here
[color=#7CBA2C][b]Text to Insert :[/b][/color] Insert text here
[color=#00A5CD][b]Font (Provide Download Link):[/b][/color] -
[color=#7CBA2C][b]Font Color:[/b][/color] Red
[color=#00A5CD][b]Link to My Forum:[/b][/color] infos here
[color=#7CBA2C][b]Extra Comments:[/b][/color] YOUR INFOS HERE

for example:
Nature of the Creation: logo
Size (In Pixels): 200x600
With or Without Animation: with glowing letters (precise the kind of animation you want)
Main Colors: Green and purple
Pictures & Links: your image goes here
Text to Insert : Forum help
Font (Provide Download Link): -
Font Color: Red
Link to My Forum:
Extra Comments: Make it nice Like a Star @ heaven

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